Your Presence

Presence poem

From the sky’s you appear crimson

At night you appear in the stars

Your reflection is felt in the moon

They say you have gone very far

But I feel your presence everywhere


Meadows sprouting yellow

Grass waving its green

In every leaf of the tree

The clouds covering the sun

After every scatter of rain


The colours of the rainbow

The shadows of the evening

I feel your presence everywhere

In every autumn, winter and spring


You died and the sky moaned

When you left, the leaves shed

The tides lost their way at dusk

The nights became long

With no dawn in near sight


Call it my imagination, fantasy or reality?

But I feel your presence everywhere

Still unseen and unheard to many

You are a martyr and your rule has begun

Featured image | leaves | James Pritchett | Usplash

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