Yemen is Crying (poem)


Where am I going? Where am I going?

Carrying the incarnate of my beloved on my shoulders

Crossing the silent twilight alleys alone with my entity

I am going with the depths of my heart to the graveyard

Applauds life! On my way to the funeral of loved ones

Those found under the debris, wreckage and shards

And then I want to grieve copiously

Like such that nobody sees me crying in this state

Such that nobody sees me tossing dust on the face of my loved ones

Such that no one sees me shrieking, screaming and shouting

Yes! I am crying, yes I am agonizing, yes I am undergoing unbelievable torture

Yes I am bearing it, yes I am living and yes I am also breathing

How many more bodies covered with blood are to be witnessed?

Enough! When will this war of power, self-regard, and victimisation stop

Featured image| Yemen don’t forget |Democracy Chronicles | Flickr

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1 thought on “Yemen is Crying (poem)

  1. Touching and tells the reality of those victims of unfair war.. keep up the good work God bless you!

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