How will Grace “grace” Zimbabwe?

Many Zimbabweans both home and abroad have their eyes set on their homeland as Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace is setting up to be the new leader of the southern African nation. Many are questioning if Grace will be an improvement to her husband’s regime, or if she will flow in the same vein as he did which will further push the country back instead of propelling it to greater heights.

The events that have taken place in Zimbabwe over the past few weeks have helped to shape the ascension of Grace Mugabe. Most notably the recent dismissal of Zimbabwe vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa by President Mugabe, which was influenced by the president elect Grace. She accused Mnangagwa of plotting against Mugabe in the past. These allegations were made during Grace’s campaign for the presidency which helped her because it was able to influence her husband to remove any threat against him and increased her potential to become his successor. Grace may have made the allegations about Mnangagwa in response to the boo’s that she received at a recent youth interface rally that she spoke at.  It is believed that the persons sent to boo were sent on the behalf of VP Mnangagwa. Are these childish back and forth attacks helping Zimbabwe to improve its political climate?

Zimbabweans are also concerned about how their quality of life will be affected with Grace in power. Many are wondering if social conditions will change in the country and as a woman, how she will deal with gender injustices. Based on her husbands reputation, many do not see the possibility of change as they feel that Grace Mugabe will be a mere extension of her husband rather than presenting policies that differ from those of Robert Mugabe.

Some Zimbabweans feel that it is best to leave the country all together and seek a life elsewhere out of fear that things will only get worse. They have lost faith in the political system in their country, and not even the recent elections can revive their sense of hope, as they believe that their home is now a failed state. Prices in the supermarket have soared to a whopping 150 percent in the last two months, and with many Zimbabweans complaining about lack of work and low wages. It will be very difficult for members of all classes in society to survive.

Zimbabwe is gearing up for a shift in its social, political, and economic landscape just simply because a new face will be in office. President elect Grace will have a lot on her hands as she will need to work hard to build rapport with her fellow country men and women, most of whom have given up on the idea that positive change is possible. If she can try to implement laws and policies that will give all Zimbabweans a chance at a decent and comfortable life, she can begin to build a new Zimbabwe. We have to wait and see.

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