We believed them…

We were born Kings and they called us peasants and we believed them. We became beggers of our own freedom.Took on poverty and wore it as a cloak because we believed that as our state of being. We became what we believed

We looked to our ancestors for guidance, they called us heathens and we believed them. We shunned our traditions, beliefs and values for religions that held the same concepts of our ancestors differently presented and poorly understood.

We were noblemen, they called us savages and we believed them. We killed our brothers and sisters in a bid for power, power we always had as kings, killed them for misunderstood religious beliefs, something our ancestors would have never stood for. So savages we became.

Lost to the four winds, with no power, lost traditions and a deep hatred for our brethren. We have become what we believed.

But this is not how the story ends…

Featured image | Zulu reed dance ceremony | retlaw snellac | flickr

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