We all need saving

everyone needs saving

I was help captive by freedom

dangling in the shackles of bondage

I twisted and turned as if a puppet dancing to the tune of destruction


I danced

With mad passion

oblivious of the fact that I danced with the devil

Yet the rhythm of the waltz couldn’t have been any better


It felt like coffee on a Monday morning the type that touches ones soul

at the same time it felt like indulgence

which i’d crave to get my hands on and when I did I was left drooling for more


I was killing myself just to feel alive

I was Alice too curious for my own good

wandering around in hades itself yet my eyes sang along to Stevie Wonder in broad daylight

blind to the fact that being young didn’t mean I had to be reckless

blind to the fact that being young didn’t mean I had to waste my youth


Yet these words were just a lullaby to a young man who was caught in the moment



But the truth on a hardened heart

so God decided to harden my heart

yet my wild heart was my pharaoh its walls were painted red with the idea of being the “cool kid” of

fitting in of being my own god, but then again I had bitten more than I could chew


I was faced with a plague

not in the form of boils and appalling frogs

but in the form of a breakdown

I couldn’t do it anymore

yet my ego was my pagan god

I  worshiped myself

but I weaved a trap for my own destruction

my arrogance made me dumb

yet with a voice filled with pride I would deny God in broad daylight

all I saw was shadows of self-righteousness.

I got this, I mumbled

yet my life slipped right through the cracks on my hands


It was either God or nothing, that’s what it came to

In pursuit of fulfillment, I lost everything

Had to be tipsy in order to think straight

wasting away became a lifestyle


Unaware I summoned frustration , failure and death into my life.

Whichever one would reach me first would have found that my foolishness had done half the job

I’d creep around in the dark, feeling alive yet caressing death itself

that’s when I released that




In an effort to run away away from him I ran into salvation’s arms


The language my soul is learning


The warmth that my spirit is seeking

in Christ I found that

the void in my heart was being filled


In between pages of the bible I realized that the void we try to to fill with urn ups and by drowning

ourselves in liquor can can be properly filled by God and all you have to do is take the first step towards him

hes eagerly waiting for you



You included!!!


Featured image | Audrius Sutkus | Unsplash

The views and opinions expressed in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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