Violent Delights

violent delights

The light came into the world

But men have loved darkness

The wicked have flourished like flowers in the summer

They sin and act brazenly with impunity

They have no love for what is good

They despise those who hate what is bad

They have no regard for the sanctity of life

As a result the masses live in fear

They stampede to show allegiance to their wicked overlords

Those who oppose are violently crushed

Some who are less fortunate get their smoldering wicks of life extinguished without a blink

Crocodile tears and finger pointing follow

Fear, hatred and violence continue

Breeding rage and anger

Giving birth to vengeance

And the cycle of violence continues

With the excuse of dying to avenge past wrongs committed against the past generation

Creating more wrongs in the process

Begetting the very evil they seek to destroy

Two wrongs do not make a right

Hate doesn’t extinguish hate

But people still itch for violence

They eat it up in their games and movies

They glorify it and revere violent men

They find delight in what kills them and their families

As one Victorian scribe said, These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Featured image | A sunset in Ngomakurira, Domboshava in Zimbabwe | Evans Marufu 

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