Verge of Darkness

Verge of darkness

I now feel no pain as there is no need for cure

The realisation that even death can come uninvited

Sorrows and grief is what I have left behind

Not that I had no faith in my existence

Its true life has no permanence


Growing up in constant exposure to turbulence

Drugs, guns and gangs seemed the sparkles of life

Breathing in an environment of gang crime

Schools were the routes for hubs to flourish


It all started as fun, a day of sniff and I was in

Soon hooked on speed, crack and smack

The school bunks which ended in expulsion

Am I to blame for no decent education


Hated the commiserate from my family

Being grilled for why they deserved this pain

The fear of shame was a lot for them to hold

Soon home felt a place of suffocation


Thinking my dark world was a progress

The journey would lead me to success

The lyrics of music made me feel high


Writing drill music rejuvenated me

Daily evening scoreboards were my game

This music became entirely an aim of declaim

Soon it took me to the verge of true darkness


Not that I had no faith in my existence

Its true life has no permanence


My being was well acquainted with betrayal

Soon flashbacks of my past kicked in

All those reminiscences which I lived

Thinking of the trivial instances that did bring joy


I countered for one last desire or wish

To see my family and acquire forgiveness

Still had to rectify actions which gave them pain

A voice calls ‘why do I lived this life a waste’

You were alive but remained non-existent

All you could give them was ordeal and distance

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