She is both hades and heaven

Midnight and noon

A mortal being with a tint of infinity

She is freedom and captivity

Her heart is a ghost with fangs

the type that craves the blood of her lovers

she is dead

but incarnations keep her heart pumping


Darkness is the only shade she basks under

for the light of day reminds her of empty promises that were said to her

its amazing that her heart has not sank reality into her

A wrecked ship that is still afloat


Her heart is a ghost with fangs

A vampire


Each time she sheds a tear she burns the Dracula inside her

for traces of holy water in her tears keep her wild heart locked in the dungeons of reality

Her rib cage

is both her prison and her shield protecting her from men with swift tongues

the type that vow to give you stars whilst they themselves need no introduction to darkness

it also is protecting them from her


Tales of old say that she once had a heart

that she was in love

Once or twice maybe three times she fell head over heels for guys who just wanted to tap

she was once innocent yet they broke her time and time again


The grieving heart in her was fathered by the pain that strangled her heart

the same pain that masqueraded itself as the last chapter of a fairy tale

Her love story was everything beautiful and sunsets

yet even sleeping beauty had to wake up from her dream

her nightmare began when she was wide awake

reality crept into her life like the grim reaper itself

but who would have thought that petals of a rose never lose their scent


Love she says died with the poets of old


Tell me how she should love when all she knows is heartbreak

you taught her that forever is just a moment

and to the moon and back is just a stroll in the park

How do you kill someone and think that their ghost will not haunt you

Hearts aren’t toys

Don’t play with them

Featured image | Vampire | Kevin Dooley | flickr

The views and opinions expressed in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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