Top 5 Most Instagrammed Locations in South Africa

The dynamics of travelling have surely undergone a digital change. Initially, someone simply suggested the places worth travelling through social interactions in person. Then paper media took over and now the many options and suggestions come through digital mediums. One of the many digital mediums available and worth a serious note is Instagram.

Now, with Instagram one need not be counting the number of people suggesting a place.Just go to Instagram and see the number of hits there are – the popularity and worth is clear in no time!  When it comes to South Africa, the following are the 5 most clicked locations:

1.Table Mountain


Cape Town – Table Mountain from Waterfront | John Hickey Fry | flickr

This is a unique piece of natural site that is a mountain with a flat top and thus becomes a landmark of sorts! Located in the city of Cape Town, it attracts a deluge of tourist – from the amateur to the wonder struck! People go both hiking, just a way a mountain is supposed to be treated to using cable way to mount on it. It is 1086 meters above the sea level and is a part of Table Mountain National Park. It records 232,000 hits!

2. Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park, South Africa| flowcomm | flickr

Considering that the Park is spread across an area of 19, 485 Sq km speaks about the popularity of it – a really massive spread in the true sense of the word! The two places that it spreads across are the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. The fact that there is a whole range of flora and fauna, apart from animals like Zebra all around can only elevate its position on your travel list! It is the first national park of South Africa and is under the protection of the Government directly. It is also considered to be one of the largest game reserves in Africa. A great 140,000 hits for this one.

3. Lions Head

Lion’s Head – Cape Town, South Africa | Christopher Griner | Flickr

This is a mountain in Cape Town that is interestingly located between the Table Mountain and the Signal Hills. Lion’s Head is about 669 meters above sea level and is considered to be a subset of the Table Mountain National Park. It is a very popular spot for hikers and is always active with them!  The Cape Malay community had been resident in this area for centuries and Lion’s Head has a historically rich background with shrines of many Malay leaders. A good 93,000 Instagram’s for this one!

4. Signal Hill

View from Signal Hill | Ben Crouch | flickr

Signal Hill makes its presence felt in tandem with Table Mountain and the Lion’s Head. This too is a flat-topped mountain that serves as a landmark located in Cape Town. Also,known by the name Lion’s Rump, this is a favorite site for South African Astronomical Observatory to make their requisite observations. As for religious value, it has tombs of Muslim Missionaries like Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghaibie. Signal Hill garners 81,000 Instagram’s.

5. Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens

Boomslang, Tree canopy walkway, Arboretum | Axxter | flickr

These gardens are rooted at the eastern leg of the Table Mountain. It is spread over an area of 528 hectares and was created way back in 1913! No doubts it is well taken care of by an institution like South African Biodiversity Institute to have survived over a century of existence. Unique flora and exquisite biodiversity makes it a popular spot. About 31,000 Instagram’s to this one.

Whatever the media projected about a nation like South Africa in the 1980s and a part of the 90’s too is being slowly alleviated. From dreary pictures of impoverishment,it is actually emerging as a ‘must visit’ a tourist spot across the world.Apart from Nelson Mandela, South Africa has for sure plenty to flaunt and this becomes mighty clear as one goes through the Instagram hits. Now, the cat is out of the bag, So, go South Africa!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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