Today we celebrate African mothers

African mothers

Today is Mother Day. It is our privilege to honour African mums in Africa and the diaspora. By raising the next generation these women serve as inspiration.

Mubita Saasa

“Mother’s day always takes me back to when I found out I was pregnant. A lot of mixed emotions..this is my third mothers day and I am still as emotional as the first time..I am still in disbelief that I brought life into this world..My son is really my better half and one of the happiest children you will ever meet..Being a mother taught me a lot of patience and has been a rollercoaster ride but all worth it.”

Onika Jones

“Being a mum is love and magnificent. I love being a mum its not about me anymore! Now that I am a mother, I realise just how strong, brave and beautiful my mother was.”


Hilda K

An independent management consultant and full time mum, Hilda left her job because she believes there can be a more balanced approach to motherhood and her goal is to encourage other mums to be brave enough to discover what balance looks like to them.

“Now that I’m a mum I realise that most of my fears are creations of my mind with no power over me. Watching my son fearlessly explore the world has made me fearless too.”

“Being a mother is the perfect balance of eternal sacrifice and eternal joy.”

“I love being a mother because its given me a front role seat to experiencing life through the eyes of somebody who is seing everybody for the first time.”


Sandra Wyte

“Mother hood is fulfilling, I get to love another human so strong I never thought its possible.”

“There is more to life than I thought and I’m excited about the future .”


Nale Lawson

“Having a mother is always having a partner in crime.”

“Being a mum has taught me to appreciate life and it has taught me to enjoy the small things in life.”

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