Remember me? Do you remember the memories we made? The letters we wrote to each other? The promises we made to ourselves… Remember when I couldn’t see the me you see now, afraid to step into the shoes I’m wearing now. The colours fading from the leaves I once looked at above me as I walked through the valley. Now I see them on the ground as the seasons changed, I felt the fear getting lost in a wonderland.

Living life on screen, because that is the new norm, lost in a world filled with first-hand information so I  know exactly what just happened across the world as it falls apart daily, the age of information, I’m caught up in looking down because even when I look up all I see is the screen or a ceiling cause when I’m out and about doing my routine I am caught up looking down and sideways, rarely forward, sometimes I miss looking back because all the best memories are now throw backs simply because we used to make time to see each other the day before.

I miss the throwback memories, when music had meaning and genuine songs made you feel a certain way about someone or you just related to the lyrics because the song says everything your heart is afraid of speaking, so your mind is walking a tight rope. When you’d sit, put the playlist of slow songs when you’d go to speak to that special someone and feel like love was real at that stage of your life, when the person on the other end of the phone made life feel like the safest place to be, when you felt like a superhero, I had to remind myself I was only human like Superman when he is in work clothes, telling myself life is a journey I have to grow through it not go through it.

Remember? I remember all these things because I’m growing over life and usually Thursday is the day the world of information celebrates, I sometimes think if the clocks could take us back to see what we were like before the age of information took over and we became obsessed with being online, the big world wide web filled with Spider-Men and women surfing the web.

Remember? Those leaves that you ran through when autumn came around and then winter came along and even then you were still outside dressed extremely warm simply because you wanted to see your friends, yeah I remember those days, before the touch screen magic and being around those that matter was the most important thing in the world, when having fun happened with ease. Remember the leaves? Yeah they’d return in spring simply to light up your life again, to remind you, the more things change the more we live through the memories we’re making over time, so I tell myself, it’s Thursday again,

Hello memory lane, it’s me,

It’s Thursday…

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