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Are you shamelessly interested in or passion about Africa? Are you an emerging or established writer, poet, photographer or just an Africa enthusiast? Are you eager to have constructive conversations about the continent that go beyond prevailing narratives of poverty and conflict?

For those who long for a platform where Africa enthusiasts can come together and share their views on key topics, at The Best of Africa we have created WhatsApp groups dedicated to emerging talent and lovers of Africa.

Our motive in creating these groups is to have a free flow of thoughts and opinions about different aspects and create spaces where different individuals in Africa and the diaspora can freely communicate and exchange their ideas, interests and talents.

Our WhatsApp groups are intended to be one of kind and will attract membership from our network of contributors and readers.  Key aspects of the groups:

1.Ask anything-anytime

We welcome questions from the students as well as points to debate from the members. Anyone can raise anything anytime (depending on the theme of the group) and members have civil discussions. With people living in different time zones, there will always be someone to have a chat with.


Without defeating the purpose of each group, we will share relevant memes, guessing games and ask individuals what they do for networking purposes and to keep groups lively and relatable.

3.Summarised content and opportunities

Content relating to the group that has been posted on The Best of Africa will be shared and any opportunities outside of our platform that we come across will be shared as well.

4.Weekly challenges

Depending on the theme of each group, we will periodically organise challenges and upload entries to our website and social media. This will make for group interaction that are exciting!

If you are interested in the group, we warmly welcome you to join!







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