The sun popped out in excitement, and this just made the day seem more perfect for this occasion. Faces painted with warm bright smiles that just made people feel that they were in the right place – friends and family flowed through the little brown wooden gate, as they were ushered to their seats by young men in charcoal grey suits. Greetings and laughter were met by an angelic melody that filled the air and kept the wondering crowd alert. The number of people entering through the little gate began to thin out like a stream that was drying up. Five white Mercedes Benz marched in like ants and parked right by the little gate that led to the beautiful garden – dressed in different kinds of flowers, and the awaiting crowd.

Heads began to turn, as the bridesmaids strolled in dressed in peach. They were followed by the Groom who walked so thrilled as though he had just won the lottery, he was in a dark blue slim fit suit. Right behind him was a trail of Groomsmen who appeared as though they were penguins. They were enlivened as they invaded the garden, fitted in black suits. Everyone got into place as the music changed and saturated the atmosphere with such a rich and pleasant sound that it was almost tangible. All heads were still focused on the little gate. The bride walked and embraced by her silky white dress that trailed behind her. By her side was her mother dressed in a navy blue dress. Everyone starred as they floated gracefully toward the pulpit. The mother to the bride handed her over to her soul mate. Silence encompassed the room as the crowd sat motionless and focused on the phenomenal event as it unfolded.

The sun began its decline as pictures where being taken. Laughter filled the air, as faces were painted with smiles and as kids ran around like little machines fuelled with sugar. The ushers began to guide every one through the big black wooden doors that lead to the hall. The hall struck the guest with shock as they gasped at how magnificent it looked. The aisle carpet was covered with memories of the bride and grooms adventures, and right at the end of it was written ‘we are just getting started’. The dancing deck was engraved with their names. Flowers and ribbons sat all-round the hall. The calm atmosphere was seized by a vibrant musical tune as people began to settle down. The Groomsmen and the brides maids emerged through the doors dancing passionately, the bride and groom followed dancing as though they had been chained together.

Featured image | Ben Rosett | Unsplash

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