The trouble with being young today

The follies of being a youth these days. Far far away from perfection. Sinking further into the mire of wrongdoing. Surrounded by an unfair world. Temptations striking from all fronts.

This is not how I imagined adult life would be like. Utterly disappointing. We went to school but there are no jobs. They say create your own jobs, be entrepreneurs, but at the same time you are punished at every level for having ambition. Deathly taxes. Crippling corruption. Not to mention a harsh economic environment.

I have a girl whom I want to marry. Yet I am struggling to take care of myself. I have to watch helplessly as my own family suffers economically. It is not only the question of where I will get resources for paying her bride price. Will I get the white wedding I always look forward to? Will I be able to take care of her? Will I be able to put our kids through school?

Things are getting harder. It’s understandable but undeniable.  I am still a victim of this system. I acquired skills that people admire. They tell me that I’m talented. They say I have potential. That talent is not putting food on the table and is useless without opportunity.

I am just one of many youth whose hopes and goals are inevitably drifting away. Our parents had it better. They could get jobs, build houses, put us through school and put food on the table. But alas, we have nothing to our name. The millennials. Tech savvy and the most informed generation. All for what? Disappointment at every turn?

We all echo the lyrics of Winky D who has sang about how life is disappointing for most young people. He assumed that by 25 he would have a better life. A car, a house, a beautiful wife. Now he is over 30 and he realises those were mere dreams. He is  jobless, struggling to put food on the table and his degrees are just pieces papers.

I and most people have hit rock bottom but it is all a lesson.

The drum will beat loudest when it is about to burst. This corrupt system will eventually come to an end.  Instead of sinking further into the depths of despair, I will be surging forward in the sea of happiness. This pain I am enduring  will be history.

Featured image | Ethiopian youth | Alan | flickr

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2 thoughts on “The trouble with being young today

  1. Indeed being young is so challenging nowadays, but i like the courage of the author choosing to look forward with hope instead of sinking in despair surely this system is dying away but we have a great hope ahead.

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