The Rain

Here I am

Bleating for the rain to rain

I can’t just stand there

While our beautiful Africa dies


I can’t just stand there

While the beauty of our nature perishes

The rain must rain

It has to beautify our motherland

Oh Africa my pride, your pride our pride

What have we done to deserve all this?

Oh Lord please shower our beloved beautiful Africa


The beauty of our motherland is suffering

Suffering because there is no rain to beautify it

Rivers are dry

The is no water left in the rivers

The is none on the ground either

I couldn’t bear to see our motherland die

I couldn’t bear to see us suffering

So, I bowed down to the Lord

I couldn’t ask for nothing but rain

The rain that will end all our worries

The rain that will purify our Africa

The rain that will beautify our land

The rain that will fill our rivers

The rain that will wash away our sins


Africa you are my pride, my joy and my strength

You are my wealth and my hero

Africa you are my heartbeat

You are my beginning and my end

Featured image: Rain drops, Rory MacLeod | flickr

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