The Garden of Eden

Listen to me, they will come for you! They came for your fathers fathers, they took my children from me.

Listen my child they took my jewels, they took the lessons I taught you, they took our fathers and sons, they took you from me, I think of you often, I imagine how you cried when you saw your brother lying next to you with fear in his eyes, sadness in his heart, a broken mind just a child… My child

My child I imagine the pain, it breaks my heart and I cry for you at every place the water falls, I have cried countless tears, they call it beautiful because they love to see the pain in my eyes, they see the anguish and call it the smoke that thunders, when all I feel is pain and then our father weeps for me, cause he can see this is not what I was meant to be.

My child, listen to me, look at the girls, the young ladies, the women, they need to be crowned in order to raise Kings. Do not give up my child, I will come for you and we will be one again, I wrote the scriptures you read on Sundays, the names are different cause I gave them different ones, you have riches the flesh can’t touch. We will not practice hate because we still believe in love. Do you understand my child?

The clock will tick on, give thanks for what you have right now for what I will give you is not for you but for the ones that cried, the ones that lost their way, the ones that watched their brothers lie in fear of the unknown. Your brothers, your sisters, your fathers mother, your mothers father and his father and his mother, they were taken from me, I will rise for them because they are the reason the world is as it is now, because they took my children and used our knowledge, so my child remember the curls in your hair they each have a place on head like the stars in the sky have a place in your imagination, like words a lot of things are made up. The truth is only clear to see when the Lion learns to write and they finally see that the hunter could never take down a Lion.

So listen my child..your brothers and sisters, are not recognized by who you see outside, they are recognized by the color of the rivers that flow inside, the home of your waterfall.
Unnecessary lines drawn on my face to separate you from your brothers and sisters, separated by water, filled with tears I have cried cause my children don’t see the rivers that flow inside them are the same color but instead they tear each other apart my children come home, you separate yourselves by twisting your minds my children I will come for you all like a Father must protect his home I will protect my children like a lioness protects her cubs.

Your last name is my first name, we have many names, some call me mother, some call me Home, some call me Wakanda.. but I am all of these things..

I am Africa and I am the Garden of Eden.

Jason Mfula II

Featured image– Victoria Falls Zambia | Joachim Huber | flickr

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