The African Millenial

the African millennial
I remember hearing drums, I had come of age and the drums were calling. Calling me to take my place on the throne of the dark continent. I was going to be queen. One of the women who would breath life into the soil. Bring thunder to it’s giant storm.
The women sang songs of fire, calling to the heavens, telling the story of my birth. The men chanted my name. Urging the ancestors to stand by me, to fight by me. For war was always with us. Fear gripped my soul. What if I failed the motherland? But the African in me reminded me of who I was.
I am going to love this land, I am going to love her into light. The darkness will leave and our smiles will return. I will birth her sons that will do her proud. Fight for her as she deserves. Without forgetting the struggle I will learn from it but never let it define who I am.
For I am nothing but Africa.

Featured image | African drums | olle svensson | flickr

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