Africa is often misrepresented in the media, we are a portal that published visual and written content from, for and about Africa.

Our goal is to give readers useful, intelligent and thoroughly researched commentary and analysis on Africa to demonstrate that the beauty and strength of Africa lies in people, their voices and talents and the ability to use these to contribute to positively influencing the narrative on Africa.

Regular contributors: Contribute at least once a month.

Guest contributors: provide one off contributions.

*Regular contributors will have their bio and picture featured on the contributor’s section of the website while guest contributors will have their name featured.

Topics and structure

We accept visual and written content that falls under the following categories:

News, art, culture, food, sport, fashion, travel, activism

  1. Articles should be over 500 words , essays and longer reads are also welcome.
  2. Photographs can be of anything meaningful. Your picture could be of a landmark, a group of people or anything that depicts the beauty of Africa and our world.
  3. Poetry has no word limits.
  4. Artwork must be scanned in order to convert it into digital images.

In consideration of editors, please refrain from using offensive language.


Once received we will edit your work and then send it to you for approval before upload.

How to submit a contribution.

  1. Send a google document, word or photo attachment to
  2. Written work should include a title which may be changed during editing. Photo submissions should be accompanied by your social media user names and a brief description of what is depicted in the picture.
  3. If you wish to contribute regularly (at least once a month), send a bio (100-150 words) written in the third person and a picture of yourself to be uploaded to the contributors page of the website.


Our platform is volunteer led, no one including the founder receives compensation. The key incentive we offer is a platform for individuals to publish their work or assist with editing and sourcing of content. If you are a recent graduate or still in education, this is a good opportunity for you to gain experience that will look good on your CV!

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You grant us certain rights when you submit your work to us.  By submitting your work to be published on our platform you give us the right to display or publish it on our website and affiliate publications and activities.

You are responsible for your own submissions and the outcome of having your work published. If you wish to publish your work elsewhere do let us know and link it back to our platform. If you wish to delete your work simply get in touch.

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