Sleeping With The Enemy

I don’t see anything wrong here! She yells
There’s nothing fumy about keeping this one
Nothing wrong with having love n’ him around
The only obsession is you, n’ the words you ring
There’s a bliss in this opening, so stop fuming it
Quit fighting it or be the one I’ll forever loathe
Have you ever wanted n’ needed a thing so bad
That at night you find it so damning to sleep
I’m just okay in his arms, n’ she turned in
Resentment and walked to her delights

He hissed n’ shook his mind at her mistake
As a stench of fouled memories filled its wake
A man may be good and alive in the morning
But becomes unnoticed as the evening comes
So do not sacrifice yourself so much, he hissed
There’s nothing else you can do or say,
When this temptation comes
The sourness of its lust will be bamboozling
It doesn’t matter how vague she is, he says
The trick is as long as you know the truth
And who he really is; lest you say more
For the affairs of man are always a path
He follows. So fuels the painful urges

Grasp it till you struggle no more
For life comes as a mirror; no matter how
Long a lie may live – the truth is always revealed
For what’s a man without his potter,  broken
What is a mother without a son – heartbroken
But there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud
That if heavens took care of fools n’ drunks
They sure as hell qualified for both counts
That if he took to works n’ abhor his ways
Whose duty is it to ask why or even cry foul

Who’s the judge to have him cut down
Who has the right to read his sins aloud
Who? It kills him that passion he once felt
Now lies as broken shards –  wounding him
Each time he tries to grab it again; the soldier
His life: he cannot have it as he wants it to be
A loner, so he just wanders alone in the crowd
As her delight struggles to keep his sun down
He does not answer – he dares not to fight
He just goes about n’ rises; defeating their gees
And their frowns; they live, n’ yet few die
Some caved n’ drowned their souls in lament
But he lives to tell a story – wisdom lives
To feed them his glories

Featured image | Angelina Kichukova | Unsplash

The views and opinions expressed in this poem are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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