Silicon Africa: The Technology Wave

Silicon Africa: The Technology Wave

Africa has always been viewed as a place that is abundant in resources. Whether it is the culture of the people or the richness of the land it is known for producing objects that can be beneficial for the world to utilize. There interest in the continent recently due to its potential of becoming a major player on a global stage in the field of technology. Western tech giants are establishing themselves on the continent so that they can have their hand in a potential tech boom waiting to happen in Africa.  Facebook and Google have recently established a presence in Nigeria and Ghana by launching initiatives that will help to propel any technological endeavours on the continent.

Ubenwa, a Nigerian start-up analyses a baby’s cry using Artificial Intelligence to diagnose birth asphyxia, a major cause of death which occurs when babies do not get enough oxygen and nutrients before, during or immediately after birth. This technology is revolutionary and will help to save many lives throughout the continent and the world. By partnering with a local company like Ubenwa, Google and Facebook could use their influence to help market a product that will save the lives of many babies in the world and it would also show the world that great technological strides are being taken in Africa.

Google also made a recent decision to build an AI lab in Ghana’s capital of Accra. Google see’s Ghana as a place to set up roots as it is a country on the rise with its relatively stable electricity, security, and decent internet infrastructure. Google also has An Alphabet Subsidiary named CSquared that has been discreetly laying an extensive fiber optic backbone in Accra and Kampala to help solve the last-mile internet problem that Eric Schmidt, the former Google executive noted as being necessary in African countries internet infrastructure.

There is great technological potential on the continent and it is positive that Africa is getting involved and establishing itself on the world technological stage. Technological advancements might be what is needed to break away from decades of poverty and debt as products and application with be created that the world will depend on the continent for.  The presence of companies such as Google and Facebook will hopefully help to usher in a new era in Africa teaching the young people of today how to establish global brands with a great reputation. And with the innovative minds such as those behind Ubenwa and the new AI lab in Accra Google and Facebook will be doing their part by working with these young innovators to present Africa as a global technological powerhouse.

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