Shine from within


You are a fine mixture of divinity and mankind

Wrapped in alluring sun kissed skin

that has the word foxy drooling for a minute with you

You are a goddess

Occasionally teasing me with your enthralling intelligence

I admire you simplicity, in it I see young women of class

gorgeous people who dazzle me with their passion for life

The heavens call you Carina

For you are a galaxy

Your stars are beautifully chaotic

You are art

That screams Gods glory all over it


Yet you don’t realise this

Somehow self-doubt has blinded you

Instantly making you prisoners of self-esteem

How ironic you are, queens with slave’s mentality

You bow down to commoners because you lost your halo. Superwomen who have lost their capes.


Wake up!You’re sleep walking whilst wide awake, the curse of divine women

to look into the mirror and not see perfection staring right back at them

all you see is shadows

belittling words spat back at you

memories that make you crawl back into your hiding place and your throbbing heart, beating rhythmically to heartbreak


Loving yourself is an act of worship walking eloquently sends incense to the heavens

Being confident is somehow spiritual, I mean how else can one be ravishing and at the same time conquer kingdoms?


My queen the world is yours for the taking yet you will have to fight

Against enemies

against the backward mentality that robbed you of your dignity

You will have to ascend to the peak of your life for in you there is a lantern that will light up the whole world

Ignite the fire within, torch your fears for they are the fuel of courage


You are stronger than you will ever imagine

Even King Arthur’s sorcerer spoke of you


She that tamed the wold.


she that the moon howls to at midnight as the wild in you runs lose


she that births nations and raises giants with your soft palms.

You she that is alluring


Featured image | Shine, from the Warhol Museum | Brandon Schauer | flickr

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