When your heart is not in your own body

When your soul seems to be wondering away

So astonishing are these family bonds and ties

When detached they enable us to live or die


The feeling of separation is unbearable

You always thought to provide me with the best

To save me from the violence that befell nearby

You took risks so I could live tranquilly


But our world was torn apart when reality befell us

When these people forcefully separated us

Now all I see is darkness and despair

My  voice echoes in these huge enclosures

Call them holding cells or detention centres

No one can hear me crying for you

These people are purposely acting oblivious

How well have they conformed to their imperious roles


Oh my child the feelings are mutual

I can feel your touch where you clang to my legs

Your screams and cries constantly echo in my ears

I feel an empty void that is killing me from inside

I constantly blame myself for bringing you here

The dream of giving you an amazing life was so intense

Hence gave me courage to cross the border along with you

I wish it was all an illusion but reality is extremely tense

Now I realise the most terrible poverty is separation


What is the medicine for this pain?

I have felt those moments when silence talks to me

My heart has gone through so many weathers

But these eyes do not want to stop drizzling

People say love has its ways to affect others

But which world does this really reflect

All I can think is what you will be enduring

But my child I promise this pain will be over

This tyranny will face defeat and reunion will triumph.

Featured image | SFO Muslim Ban Protest | quinn norton | flickr

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