Seeking Peace

My mind and heart seem to be sealed

All those years struggling to search for love

My perversity has led me to lose connection

Just like the autumn breeze and leaves

I feel adrift roaming in the streets

I see thousand paths but not the one to you


Desperately in need to halt the journey

Teary eyes searching for the last stop

I picked up thorns with my own hands

Turned away from the true love

Left my heart open to receive wounds

What way shall I face you?

My eyes are full of shame and guilt

My heart screaming to reach out to you

All I see is darkness and despair


All the happiness that once existed has vanished

But still this sorrow never leaves me

Are these tears or sparks of embers?

The colour of sorrows seems so deep

That it won’t lighten in centuries


Let the floating water encompass me

Yet there was still remaining life in me

I was again mistaken when you saved me

Out of the thousand destinies visible

I finally discovered the ultimatum


The  love and embrace you gave me

Opened your arms to me and told me to seek you

I prostrated and felt all the excruciating agony disappear

My humble request to grant me immediacy

Shower your blessings I am on the verge of falling

Seeking your mercy to experience inner peace

All those desires once in existence, I no longer need

Alas I realise with every pain I suffered

You have endorsed me with thousand respites.

Featured image | peace |  Quinn Dombrowski | flickr

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