Seeing Sound

seing sound- poem by Jason Mfula II

Have you seen this place? Can you see the sounds light up the sky with melodies that sound like a clash of swords in the sky and scary to mortal minds looking at life in two colours, closed imaginations walking through the different hours of the day… Youthful thoughts taken away by responsibility and time as each second that passes is a mere step closer into the unknown, cause life changes in a second. It takes a second to stop for good, it takes 3 seconds to tell someone you love them, till you realise it takes a lifetime to prove those words, even better still sometimes a lifetime is just one second.

I will forever be here with open arms, like a man sent to die for all my mistakes, my decisions, my tears, my laughter, for everything or so I was taught, till I met him in my own experience, he came in many forms, different names, different songs, different faces, he taught me to see the sounds and teach your minds to unlock to see the story being painted without a brush.

This is a place we call home but only time decides when you’re allowed to go, have you ever thought what type of character you are in this story, to some you’re a villain, to some you’re no one, to some you’re more than everything but because we spend so much time looking down we lose ourselves and miss the ones looking up for answers, look up, the answers to all your questions are found in the question being asked by the same person, cause love isn’t something you figure out on your own, we’re here to make memories not dreams…

The sky is filled with wonders but you need an extra open imagination to see the sounds painted in the sky.

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Features image– Edwin Swine, How Sweet the Sound | Steve Snongrass : flickr

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