Questions and Answers

You asked, why do I keep doing this,
Why do I keep bugging you like this,
Well, Isn’t it obvious, that I’m mad for you,
That my thoughts are a mess because of you,
Even though you keep pushing me away,
And keep tearing my walls apart, I still love you,
And I’m proud to tell, that it might ring a bell
That although there’s much darkness in this life,
There are also lights, and you are one of them
It might be blind, but my mind sees what it finds,
And my heart hoped to have peace within its lights,
But the more I seek, the more I’ve failed to fall in line
So now, my hands are writing these lines to you
They are saying, “you set my mind at bliss,
And haunt my dreams at night”,
A light! I’ve heard em all shout
“Change thou thoughts, so I made change my mind”
Cause really, nobody else is worth thinking about,But you keep asking, why do I keep doing this?
Why do I keep bugging you like this?
Well, shouldn’t I be the one with the questions?
Why do you keep doing this, why are you like this?
Why are you making a sound man, a mad man?
Do you enjoy tearing him apart, like those tales of men?
Do you even know what makes a man, a man?
Can it fall on his cradles, the way his beginning starts?
Or is it something else, something much harder to describe?

You like asking questions, like every other woman,
You act as though you know something I don’t,
And when I asked, you swear you don’t
“Some questions really don’t need an answer”
That really makes me mad, but I love you still,
So now, if you ever want to know
Why I do it, you might want
To read these lines all over

So many questions, yet one is an answer.


***Note from the editor : This poem was originally published on Princes blog Minuscule Ego.

Featured image | ????  Mesaj | flickr

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