Photos | The beauty of nature Diminished by Pollution


In these photographs I have placed a focus on littering/pollution.
This is a topic that can be taken on its own as a broader environmental context about how humans are destroying this Earth. The beauty and existence of nature is diminished by pollution (which is why all of these photographs depict garbage and nature in the same space).
These photos can also be tied in with diverse communities.  As I’m sure you all know, racially/religiously prosecuted, lower socioeconomic class people are more likely to live in extremely polluted areas.  As a result, they deal with polluted air, unclean water, and more, all of which can lead to illnesses. Furthermore, sometimes governments even use these areas as locations for toxic manufacturing plants and ignore these detrimental living conditions as well as the aforementioned ones.  People living in these communities fall terminally ill, have children with birth defects, and more — but these people don’t have the resources to take action to better their living conditions or to flee the area.

In our “Photo” category, we showcase unique pictures sent to us. 

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