Photo of the week : African film industry

“When a story ends–or “falls into the ocean,” as we say–it creates dreams. It has energy and direction. I hope that all my stories finish by presenting a lesson for society, but there is also great freedom in my way of seeing and treating things. I do the audience justice: they have the freedom to enter or not to enter into my stories. They are free to take their own path, to enter or to leave. In one word, “liberty” is what characterizes what I am doing.” – Djibril Drop Mambety.

The Film industry in Africa is growing and creating many opportunities for young talented Africans. By 2009 Nollywood had surpassed Hollywood as the world’s second largest movie industry, right behind India’s Bollywood.

Mambety encourages film makers to create stories that present a lesson to society. African film makers are called upon to create content that will not only uplift but empower the African people.

In our Photo category, we showcase unique pictures sent to us by talented individuals across the continent.

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