Mother of Humanity

Mother of Humanity

Prepare for my arrival all  peoples of the world

On the isthmus of humanity I stand

And Africans purge yourselves of institutional impurities:

Corruption, unaccountability,  human rights abuses

Presidential terms delimits and bad government policies!

The world has finally acknowledged your greatness

From your fountains they drink unending

Your Pharaohs they mocked at

Your Fons, Obas and tribal sovereigns laughed at

Your palaces looted: statuettes and Obelisks carted away

Gold and treasures plundered

And ivory missing

Sons and daughters ferried away

Across the Atlantic into a strange land taken to

Ripping apart fathers and sons

Heartbeats of mothers and daughters in threnodic rhythms

In forceful separation they parted

Weep not little children

Tears of our forefathers from your eyes wipe away

For today a new sun sets

In our hearts a Holy glad sings

Onto my laps I gather you as one

Your union I precede to bring

To share the joy of African unity

To mankind, symbol of peace to you I bring

Come into my embrace

Sons and daughters of humanity

On the Cradle I stand becking your gazes

Let us heal the world with love for one another

Looking down the seas and oceans bridging our continents

Black or White, Mongoloid or Arabic, you descended of me

One earth we share in our continental neighbourhoods

One multi-cultural humanity

By our common bond the colour of blood is one

One and the same archway into our common human race

Welded by the fire of love and one divinity

Where racism, hatred nor death smoulders not this dream

A flame borne of the ashes of Angels

Whose foundation is heaven-borne faith

God, our Creator, its eternal light

** This poem is about the  Mother of Humanity sculpture by artist and scuptor: Nijel Binns.**

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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