This is where the foundations and formations of the sunshine city are

With its genesis anchored firmly on emphasis for providing for one’s family

It’s a place where extreme parallels are the theme

Some despise it and count the days to its demise

Some like me adore and explore it

I admire its history due to its power to inspire

It was consequential to the rise of influential people

With notable residents who are inimitable

It inspires creativity despite adversity

It lifted youths who are gifted

As they entertained audiences by their vibes and catchy rhymes

It’s the lifeblood of the creativity and productivity of the Zimdancehall genre

It’s also a testament of how there can be management to seeming chaos

From its metal fabrication industries to its symmetries of flea markets

It’s a show of the lengths of human strengths

It’s not for the weak willed, their meagre willpower will be killed

Mbare is a place where passion never goes out of fashion

And it’s amazing how it’s economy is built around the buses that abound the roads of the country

It’s home to the biggest fruit and vegetable market in the basket of Harare

It feeds and meets the needs of the city

It maintains and sustains the Harareans diets

It provides support to the thousands of vendors who report to its gates each morning

Though it’s decay brings me dismay

I pray that it will never be swept away

I hope to see it each day until my hair turns gray

For the place and its people will always find a way as long as there’s a ray of hope

This is the homage I pay to Mbare


Featured image | Mbare Market Harare | Shack Dwellers International | Wikimedia commons

The views and opinions expressed in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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