Manu Dibango’s Music Glasses

Did the stars beck the Griots to your birth?

Did your parents glimpse the wonders of your days?

Nay! Only the Maker knew your future-

O’ Maestro, days awaiting your renown

Night stars get dim approaching your sunglasses,

Shading the mystique of your music genius

Great son of Africa on the world music stage

An eagle on the mountain summit and the stars

Gliding the heavens in tunes immortal

On the music stage blasts your golden trumpet

Stirring the sands of time for your unalterable footprints

On your face are etched imprint-looks of the gods

Reflected in your iconic music immortality

Calling on Africans to unite

Afrojazz soul-Makossa you play

As beautiful Black queens dance

Sweet their voices with swaying hip stunts, Samba style

Your deep jungle voice picking up the cadence

Aye Africa! Even Bolingo City

Calling on the continent to unite and industrialize

Human capital we lack not; and natural resources

A master of ourselves at least; or the world

We must manufacture and export

For a permanent seat at the UNSC Nigritia must get

To participate indecision affecting our destiny

The responsibility we owe to our *Forefathers

Reminding us of  our  **Ancestors’ vision

Demanding why a delay in the ***Patriarchs’ dreams

That unity is a collective duty

A single republic our responsibility

For Lumumba’s spirit yonder the gulf finds no rest

Sankara’s bones in bitter anguish groans in his grave

Nkrumah’s utterances like dews hang in the sky

Wailing the further dislodge of African people

Lamenting the uncaressing grip of Africans by Neo-colonialists

History our witness; and time now our ally

This generation is called for this unity

Never before is the world in readiness for African unity

Our continent by civil strife rallies that urge

For that day of joy and tears

From our detractor’s baffle and cheers

At the descending cap with a red plume

On the soul at the helm of African unity

Bringing smiles on faces of her sons and daughters

Barefoot playing on the sands in joy

Hopeful of their future thanking the creator

Griots in stupor singing in songs of the Kalimba

Slices of tunes of Manu Dibango’s music

Now are days the sun never sets

In the beautiful continuum of life and death


Featured image | Manu Dibango | Emmanuel Dautant | wikimedia commons

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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