Lumumba’s Tears

DRC exploitation

Africa unite

The colonial divide bridge into brotherhood

Yourselves from neo-colonial pieces defragment

And to the world hoist a great statehood

Listen to the message of my tears

In the western complicity of my death

Lest our dreams for seamlessness be shattered

And independence victories all these years blighted,

Fellow patriots refuse not the last of my breathes uttered

At the threshold of eternity

O Congo and Mother Africa,

The sanguinary superpowers to thee breed but enmity

The troubling continuities pitting Brothers against themselves


The dense cloud to shroud our brightest dreams

Industrialize, the land with promise

And minerals and wealth you have in abundance

Thrust ahead with the union, Africanocrats, even after my demise

At the hands of the CIA, MI6 and Belgians, UN remonstrance

Featured image | Patrice Lumumba | Wiki media  commons

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