Love is lovely
Love is why we exist
Love is God and God is love
Love is his greatest gift to us
Love is the blueprint by which we were created
Love is our first and foremost commandment
Love is what we owe to our fellowmen
Love is what husbands owe to their wives
Love is what Parmenas felt for Natasha
Love is what made him propose
Love is why she said yes!
Love is why they’re now engaged
Love is how we know we’ll be witnesses of their union before God & men
Love is what we hope they’ll have for the rest of eternity, forever and ever

I recently had the pleasure of capturing a friend’s lobola or customary marriage. It’s a time honored tradition which serves as means to assure the bride’s parents that the groom has the financial security to take care of added responsibilities like that of a wife and or kids. It also shows that the man is appreciative of all that the bride’s parents have done to bring up for him a lovely wife.

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