It Must Be Nice.

Love and PTSD
It Must be nice..
To have someone who loves you.
To have someone who makes time for you.
To have someone who keeps you whole when they’re falling apart.
To have someone who prays for you daily.
To have someone whose face lights up just like your screen when their name pops up.
In this life you meet different people for different reasons BUT when you meet someone who makes everyday worth waking up to and makes going to sleep without hearing them say goodnight hard, remember they could be gone tomorrow and you never ever gave them the roses you promised to give them.
If you love someone, cherish them, hold on to them, appreciate them for who they are and what they have done.
Lonely hearts smile when they’re appreciated cause they know the pain of being alone. We all know love can be complicated, maybe we make it so, maybe love is only found when your heart finds a soul, a soul worth fighting the world for, tears will fall and dreams will fly. If you love someone and they don’t know, maybe it’s time to let them know. it’s Valentines day, a day for love and roses, A day to cherish the heart you possess.
I love you, 3 little words that sit on the door step of your heart. Waiting for your heart to finally hear… You’re looking for love… Well my dear you know where to find me.. I’m standing right here.
It must be nice to be in Love with someone who loves you.

Featured image | heart sprinkles | Jamie | flickr

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