I shall tell you the secret
When the time is right,
And from generation to generation
With your earnest voice
You shall sow it before the listeners
I dare, you will not plough sand.
Therefore everyone from your voice
Shall reap those tenderness fruits
And know that the darkest hour
Is nearest dawn

Let perseverance take you through that tunnel
When your friends desert you in the lurch,
Worry not for after that rain,
There comes a rainbow.

I shall tell you the secret
When the time is right,
The truth you shall seek
Yet it is buried right under your nose
But the world’s weight
Forbids you from discovering that,
Cheapest is dearest in the end,
Rise and dust off your selves
For the storm never lasts forever!

I shall tell you the secret
When the time is right
And you will cease to flog a dead
The secret shall influence you to see,
All that glitters is not gold,
And you will realize that,
A stitch in time saves nine,
When the time is right,
You will stand aloof and know,
A morning sun never lasts the day.

I shall tell you a secret and you will
Make hay while the sun shines.
Now it is hard for me,
To shoe a running horse!!!

Featured image | Blurred “SECRET” stamp | RestrictedData | flickr

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