How i-Med Tech is Transforming the Lives of Breast Cancer Survivors through 3D printing

i-Med Tech a South African based medical prosthesis design and manufacturing company launched an initiative targeted at breast cancer survivors. The company is producing 1000 external breast prosthesis to give to 1000 mastectomy patients. Neyne Breast prosthesis is an external breast prosthesis for women who have undergone a mastectomy due to congenital diseases such as breast cancer. The breast forms are created using 3D design and additive manufacturing and are made using medical grade silicone that ensures bio-compatibility to the skin.

i-Med Tech- breast cancer
Neyne Breast prosthesis


Due to advances in the medical field, more women today are diagnosed with breast cancer. More women being diagnosed means that many lose one or both breasts through mastectomies.  Although most women who undergo a mastectomy choose to have reconstructive surgery particularly in the developed context, this is not affordable for women in developing countries. Hyper aware of the fact that South Africa is a low income country, i-Med Tech has taken the admirable step to print 1000 prosthesis to give to 1000 mastectomy patients. A prosthesis is a quick and easy way for a woman to fill the space where her breast was in order to comfortably and confidently wear clothing.  The Neyne Breast prosthesis is lightweight, easily wearable, durable, does not leak and with 8 sizes and three colours (mocha, almond and buff) considers women’s varying sizes and skin tones.

i-Med Tech was founded by Nneile Nkholise whose idea for the company came from her Master’s research in mechanical engineering from Central University of Technology. She investigated the application of additive manufacturing in the creation of facial prosthesis. Through her investigation, she discovered that the same methods used for facial prosthesis were used in the creation of breast forms. Currently pursuing her MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Central University of Technology, Nneile was one of the winners of the SAB Foundation Social Innovation awards, a finalist in the Gauteng Accelerator programme, part of the Discovery MedTech Silicon Valley programme, she was recognised at the World Economic Forum on Africa as Africa’s top female innovator and she is a Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) fellow.

i-Med Tech- breast cancer

With her great accomplishments and the impact, she is having on the lives of not only cancer survivors but young Africans who need role models and have a strong desire to change the continent, Nneile is a perfect example of what is good about Africa and how Africans are pushing to improve the continent through the skills they possess.

To change the lives of 1000 African women please donate to the Neyne Breast prosthesis.


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