I am sorry

The witch’s stake is haunted by ghosts

that were being blamed of sorcery

Oceans of tears that run down disappointed  faces

 will one day drown the wicked

 for throbbing hearts are being cuddled by heartbreak, pain and anger

Because someone’s ego could not apologize


Fear lures away the joy that once filled their lively hearts

for hatred has blinded their trust

I shrink at the fact that we are the ones who plucked out those eyes

now they cannot see one trust worthy guy who will not treat them like trash


Women give birth to their worst fear


who run terror on gentle souls

ripping happiness from faces that are drowning in their own tears


Yet we know not that they are warriors

armed with unbreakable spirits

samurai’s who would not listen to the burdening voices of men

when they said they cannot vote


Peace bearers

who sacrifice themselves just to see their families smile



who can single handedly raise families on their own with a minimal wage


Ignorantly we have spat on goddesses that have made us who we are

I am sorry for all the times we have reduced you to mere objects

Denied you platforms just because you are a lady

And disregarded that you are an emotional being who deserves every drop of love there is out there


I apologize for body shaming and expecting you to reach front page magazine cover beauty standards which in reality are a result of photo shop

In the name of evolution men, have always pinned down women hiding behind shady cultural norms which have brought more damage that good

Yet women carry the blood of the mythical phoenix from ashes you rise with your soul burning with more intensity, passion and desire

The past cannot be undone yet I look to the future with hope

Featured image | Sorry | Horrortaxi | flickr

The views and opinions expressed in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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