I am Home

A home for Kings, they roam the land and wear their unseen crowns, brute strength flowing through the grass, a King of this land.
A natural leader and a mighty protector. A majestic creature groomed by the almighty and now leads as one of the defenders of this land, but in came another creature one that believes it belongs to the land, battles have been fought and some have been won and one has been lost, you build a cage to keep the King of the land because you see it fit for you are “smarter” they look at you as enemy number one, a mortal.

A man also made to share the land, we have shed tears here, we have bled here, we have died here, but our stories will never end here for the land remembers and we are part of the soil, for we came from the soil, not religion and definitely not science, your mind, a place for you to remember the history you make in each passing moment, when you forget your mother will remind  you, when you fail your father will teach you, when you need comfort and assurance your Grandparents will be there, they know the land and they know her story for they too live through memories of what was before what was brought to you in school, your roots run deep for your heart belongs at home…

I am your home, I am your land, my name is Africa and I am proud to call you my child, yes you too young King of this land with a mane so great, I gave you this land for you to learn and to grow, like the mortal I gave the spear not to hunt you but to protect you. You gave into temptation and split my heart in two, my children I will always belong to you. No matter how far you go, your roots will always run deeper than your thoughts can go.

I am your home, I am your land, my name is Africa and I am proud to say I live in you.

Featured image | Damian Patkowski | Unsplash

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