earth: homeland

Ever since I saw the beauty of my homeland

My eyes have woven an enchanted spell

Is it the brilliance of the land or is it the charm itself?

It’s hard to praise the beauty of my beloved land!


As I enter the land, the warm breeze pats my face.

Just as it is greeting me to embrace its appeasing splendour

Sensing the fragrance of the land makes me feel alive

The sound of the swarm of wasps hit my ears

This eager wait to experience summer was for years.


Remembering those old days when we were young

Playing in the waves, mud and shine

Slumbering beneath the open moon with the soft breeze

Listening to the sounds that fade away in the dark

It is hard to praise the beauty of my beloved land!


I may be classed as an economic immigrant.

Who went abroad to fulfil those imminent dreams

You never questioned  why I left

Just as mother who wants the best.

I may not have been the most obedient child

Unable to live to your anticipations.

But rest assured I will be back to serve you my land.


Alas! When it strikes to me it’s time to bid farewell

Heartfelt tears stream from my eyes;

As my mind concedes the wait

My heart will always be restless for you.

But those endless memories will keep me going

If fate allows I will return to serve you again

To reside under your shadow oh motherland!

And to live those sowing dreams again

Featured image– #earth | Fort Myers: flickr

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