Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world.

The disarray.

I choose to see the beauty.

To believe there is an order to our days, a purpose

Some people even said my city, Harare is one of the least liveable

And one of the dirtiest

Some fled it with tears in their eyes

Others breathed their last as their blood painted the streets of the city

The infrastructure has grown weary from the passage of time

Some look at the Harareans with pity, they say we’ve lost hope

But I see the beauty of my city

My Harare

The city built on a kopje

The city that never sleeps

The city with hope that never dies

A city breaming with infinite potential

A city of unparalled history

The capital of the house of stones that is Zimbabwe

The attractive lady of the south

Drawing towards her children from all works of life

I see Harare

I see how happy she smiles in the sun

The bright blessed days

With clear blue skies

And fiery red sunsets

The sunshine city

I see Harare

I think fondly of summertime

When she in full bloom

As her beautiful Jacarandas colorfully assert her royalty in purple

Even when it rains

She romantically dances in the rain

Harare and I

We have a special relationship

She has her flaws as do I

But I never let them blind me to her appeal

I choose to see her beauty

Featured image | Harare | Mike | flickr

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