Forgotten children of Africa

I am afraid,

Mother I am afraid to come to you,

Mother Africa.

I have betrayed you

and I don’t know if I can see my way out.

Truth is…

I have forgotten you

and thus forgotten me.

You make me who I am and I long for us to reconnect.


The wind whispers your name and they cry out to me.

They say I don’t belong to be with you.

They say I must remain here.

Mother Africa, I am afraid.

Afraid I have been washed up and I don’t know if I can find my way back.

I hear my people’s language every day. It’s like a symphony,

a taste of heaven and pure delight,

but I don’t understand.


Mother Africa, don’t think I don’t know who I am.

I think about you day and night and I see you in my dreams.

You tell me you love, that you are waiting for me.

I shouldn’t hide my head in shame, but know you run through my veins.

There are many children of Africa

who are lost.


The ancestors plead with them to find their way home.

Mother Africa, I tell you, you are precious to me.

Don’t lose hope for I will find my way home.


We all will find our way

HOME, forgotten children of Africa.

Featured image– Smile | Nana B Agyei | flickr

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