Flame over Lumumba’s ashes


O the true African soul love aflame

Congolese soul sacrificed whole

Against foreign dislodge of sleeping beauty

Washington, Brussels, capitalism, whole allies of same sins

Pursuit of ideology against peace in stark disregard of divine precepts

Against hearts where ease rhythms of love

Capitalism, cold war disguised aims for white supremacy of Africa

But true to the motherland they remain

A continent hemmed by holy lights

Of African oneness. This, holy patriots fight

For your bridged seamlessness

O sun-kissed island Africa

Even the prince of peace weeps,

Dag Hammarskjöld’s golden heart for Congolese oneness, nay sleep

Truest human emblem of United Nations peace

Stoic against the capitalists’ schemes

So the wrath of cold war demons release’

Ideology claws revealed, in seams

At Ndola you met your unmerciful end,

O’ great pacifist

Global quest for peace, grating ideologies, to blend

Your demise, the world in disquieting heartthrobs

And of sanity humanity is robbed,

At your death on the ashes of Lumumba’s assassination

Daughters of Africa in tears

Black beauties of the planet in convulsive sobs

Budding men, barefooted, in lamentable pains,

Sons of our race with looks hysteric

And griots of our land with tales of sorrow

Sacred hymns of heart-rend dirge, pains of spilled African blood

An ancestral son with no grave to mark,

But in our hearts is enshrined your cenotaph,

Rekindling the fire for African oneness,

Our wreaths on your ashes engraved your immortality

Mystery of the traditional royal African broom,

Fraternity bond beyond mortal eyes

And dreams of our ancestors, ageless, blossom

Of a people: one Africa, one destiny

Featured image | Official Congo government portrait of Patrice Lumumba as the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1960 | wikimedia commons 

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Featured image| Nigerian football supporters at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia| wikimedia commons 

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