Facing the Climate

About a month ago, I was invited by Anna at the Swedish Embassy in Zambia to contribute some work on Climate Change.

The Embassy has curated the work of Swedish cartoonists on Climate Change and exhibited this work on 17 and 18 May at the Lusaka Museum as part of the Euro Zambia Art Festival. My work reflects on Climate Change from a Zambian cartoonist perspective.

Ambassador Henrik Cederin introduced his speech and set the tone by citing Greta Thunberg – “Let’s call it a climate crisis.”

In my work, I attempt to bring the issue home and relate it to local experiences. We listen to the news and the discussion seems so distant from Zambia because after all we have ‘our own problems’. The information on climate change in Zambia does not help either, its always packaged in technocratic lingo so the seriousness of the issue evades us.

The truth is that Climate Change is affecting our country and impacting negatively on our development. Shifting weather patterns mean that we cannot guarantee food security without making adjustments to how we farm.

Fish stocks are depleting where we have traditionally expected fish both due to unsustainable human mass fishing and also due to receding banks and plant life which fish require in order to replenish.

The sad thing is that its not up to one country, one individual to reverse the effects of Climate Change, we need to do it together all of us including industry (the biggest culprit).

The poverty we are experiencing is partly due to lack of climate change awareness and lack of climate change resilience.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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