Expressing the best and worst moments of your life through art

Expressing the best and worst moments of your life through art

Meet Zues Hills, an up and coming Zambian digital artist. With the advancement and easier access to technology, artists such as Zeus are exploring digital art as a form of expression. Digital art is more forgiving in that nothing is permanent when you have an undo button. It also opens one up to more exploration as you can experiment endlessly. The biggest perk with digital art relative to traditional art is the fact that you do not have to buy  equipment and  material. Once you have your computer or tablet and software you are set.

Like so many artists Zeus Hills story isn’t so different and many can relate to taking a serious interest in something and growing and developing with it. He began to take an interest in art from an early age but only began to take art more seriously in middle school.  Art for Zeus, was a go-to place for stress relief and proved to be fun. With time, he realized that he was pretty good at it.

Over the years he has moved from drawing with a pencil and pen to digital work because he believes that he has a purpose for the art he makes and that he has to deliver it in the best quality possible. Moving to digital art has been a challenge on its own but he is enjoying the journey so far and credits it for helping him grow as an artist.

About 50% of Zeus’s personal life is incorporated into his art.

He explains that,“there’s nothing more true and enjoyable than expressing the best and worst-moments of your life through art.”

Zeus for example includes his  girlfriend in his art and in one illustration, he showed a childhood fear he had of getting swallowed by a toilet. With time, he is becoming more transparent, he has quite a number of things to show and hopefully in the process he can make his audience smile, laugh and relate.

Humour is also part of his art. For him, there is  nothing more refreshing than making people laugh and them actually relating through your art. This is part of the reason why he became an artist, to contribute to the beauty and complexity of the world.

People that inspired Zeus obviously include the great Stan Lee and others such as Jim Lee, Stuart Immonen and Pepe Larraz.

Naturally, his art has opened opportunities for him. He has made appearances on local TV Programs, partnered with amazing artists and worked with some to spread the awareness of social media bullying. At the moment he is working  on a comic with an American comic company called The Dream Catchers. His main goal is  to encourage other upcoming artists, but primarily to spread the beauty of comic art and just offer variety in the arts industry mainly in Africa.

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