earth poem

The axe’s handle is made from the very wood it maliciously chops down.

its death brings havoc for the birds that called that tree a sanctuary

now they have to scavenge for something life had given to them freely

creatures of the earth are caught up in between a war that they know nothing about

Deserts begin to engulf forests for trees fall by the millions

from thirst and the never ending need for wood

their demise is birthed by men’s greed

Slowly death creeps upon planet earth

its grisly hands are strangling the dear life out of it

now rivers no longer run freely in the wild

oceans are burdened with waste that suffocates life in the deep waters

The life giving air that we breathe

slowly perishes due to chemicals that fill the skies

the scorching heat dries up the streams that used to trickle down the mountains

so less water will rise up and grace the earth as rain

the heavens no longer kiss the lands with showers of rain the type that made our forefathers

exceptional farmers

Humanity is suicidal

dangling between life and death

we are too ignorant

that is why we do not realise that only we can solve this problem that we have started

we are possessed with the idea that we are superior

our quest for more is killing the very miracle we call earth

Now she lays there hopelessly

for she was once a splendor

once a fascination

the pride of the universe is now crippled

crippled by its own beings

Mother nature will perish and so will we

so take a step and make it a better place for all

conserve and preserve the environment, the change starts with you.

Featured image | Pictures from the Mount Kenya region, for the Two Degrees Up project, to look at the impact of climate change on agriculture | CIAT | flickr

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