Death poem

O Death

The destroyer of mankind

The ravager of people

You’re ruthless

You have no mercy

Your wrath knows no bounds

You kill young and old

Rich and poor

Wise and fools you take them all in your company

You don’t care if it’s just but a child

You have no care for the welfare of the survivors

You invoke fear in them that you’ll come for them soon, one way or another

You don’t care for the sentimentalities and affections of lovers

You violently tear them apart regardless of the bond shared between them

Even in the eternal vows of love and devotion you’ve squirmed your way

You’ve made our existence a ritual of counting our days before you claim us

Our sweat and labor we use to pay those who will take us down under to you

You’ve made others live in morbid fear of you

And you’ve made others beg to join you out of intense pain and suffering, me included

Why do you do what you do death?

Have you no heart?

You’ve taken away from me a human to call a father

You’ve taken away from my loved ones their brothers

You’ve robbed wives of their husbands

Left men widowers

And children orphans

Oh death!

Your machinations and diversification are an object of envy

You kill, murder, slaughter, destroy and annihilate in countless ways

But your end is nigh, O Death

You will meet your end from forces in the realms above where you have no power

They will take away your keys of wreaking havoc on the realms below

You will have a taste of your own medicine

And you Death, will die

Then we will ask but you won’t answer:

Oh Death!

Where is your sting?

Oh Death…

Where is your victory?

Featured image | Angelina Kichukova | Unsplash

The views and opinions expressed in this poem are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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