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Ben Jackson holds a BA (Hons) in International Relations from the University of Leeds. His interest in African issues began following a 10 day voluntary trip to Sierra Leone in 2011. Ben spent much of his time at University focusing on African issues, especially those of conflict and justice. In his final year Ben completed a dissertation looking at African regional organisations peacekeeping missions as part of the “African Solutions to African Problems” discourse. Ben spent two weeks in 2013 volunteering for the NGO Tearfund, where he worked on the Central African Republic. He is currently completing an internship for a Human Rights organisation, with a focus on a number of sub-Saharan African countries. His interests include politics, conflict and issues of justice.


Reuben Simukoko is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Mulungushi University. His interest in the development of Africa comes from some of the Courses he took while he was pursuing his Bachelor’s degree. His performance in courses such as Development Economics, Agricultural development Economics and International trade moved him to write a dissertation on the relationship between Agriculture and development. Since then his interest in the development of Africa through the Expansion and development of Agriculture has grown massively. He hopes explore a variety of ways in which Africa can be developed and also to expand his knowledge on various ways in which Agriculture can be used to develop countries on the African continent.

Lebogang Tisane is a 25 year Old South African resident, who is currently studying towards an MBA and works in the e-commerce fraternity. She holds a degree in Bcom Law from Rhodes University and an Honours in Management from North West University, both in South Africa. She is also founder of an NPO aimed at empowering women and children, and addressing socio economic issues. She is a content contributor to waptrendz and a freelance business consultant, blogger, philanthropist and is passionate about the empowerment of women and children, and transforming the political and economic landscape of Africa and in particular, the perception of women of colour.

Amalina Samsudin is currently an undergraduate pursuing her degree in Economics and Politics under University of London (UOL). She has a deep interest in political issues especially in Latin American, African and Asian countries. Despite living in a small island, Singapore, she believes that it is important for her to expand her knowledge and learn more on world politics in order to understand the progress of her nation. In her free time, she enjoys reading on current affairs especially the political changes occurring around the world. She sees herself working in the news industry in the future thus, she contributes articles online in order to gain experience and improve on her writing.

Kyle Scott Pirie is a student at the University of Nottingham studying towards a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations. His interest in Africa comes from his belief in globalisation. According to Kyle, the modern political landscape is incredibly divisive and only through a progressive agenda can societies prosper. Kyle believes that the Western world needs a new agenda which provides sensible answers to the challenges facing the developing world. Kyle has also appeared on BBC television and is an elected member of his university’s scrutiny panel, ensuring that student officers are held to account. He has lived in seven different countries ranging from the Middle East to Australia. Kyle currently writes for the website The Backbencher ( where he focuses on British politics, culture and economics. His main areas of interest are trade, defence and foreign policy.

Jason McPherson holds a bachelor’s degree with a major in English and a minor in Sociology from York University in Toronto, Canada where he also resides. He has an interest in Africa, from its politics to its economics and as well as its people. He is a firm believer in the continent’s potential to become a global economic power due to its abundance of natural resources.  He believes that once Africa and its people gain control of the allocation of their resources they will be able to lift themselves from the economic despair that they have been facing for many years. He is currently studying web design and web development, and he does freelance writing and web designing in his spare time.

Jamie Luke Jobanputra holds a BA (Hons) in Politics from the University of Kent. His interest in Africa first came from his Tanzanian-Indian ancestry. at university Jamie took various modules on African politics. Jamie is an active participant on the British Model United Nations scene representing democracy and dictatorships alike (mostly dictatorships). He is particularly interested in the foreign policy and international relations of Africa, conservative and religious attitudes in Africa, LGBT rights in various African countries, colonial Africa and dictatorships on the African continent.

Benjamin Hibbert is passionate about global politics, and has been actively involved in politics at various levels over the years. In an African context, he believes that China’s expansion into Africa has brought with it a renewed global interest in the continent, and with it great opportunities for African states; however, he believes that major obstacles to peace and prosperity must first be overcome in order to ensure that these opportunities are available to the masses.

Benjamin holds Honours degrees in both Politics and Town and Country Planning, has a penchant for travel and business, and is an avid supporter of Manchester United in football and Lancashire in County Cricket.

Ami J. Sanghvi holds a BA in Political Science. Inspired as an [East] Indian American female by the impact of false portrayals of her own heritage, her experiences as a member of the Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority, a love for culture, and her university education have provided her with global awareness.  Now a member of the fashion industry, she is still dedicated to remaining active in accurately depicting the beauty of Eastern people, cultures, and places.  She wants to draw more attention to the thriving education, business, art, and activism scenes in Eastern nations that have been portrayed only as being poverty- and brutality-stricken.  Through learning about global affairs and hearing plenty of varying perspectives, she has taken a strong interest in portraying Africa in a brighter light.  Her interests include politics, photography, writing, philosophy, literature, modeling, fitness, and MMA.

Asifa Ali is a postgraduate student in Forensic Anthropology who has taken a keen interest in social issues since secondary school. She has a passion for global issues and politics with a keen focus on international news and topics which have no coverage. She believes it is important to talk about issues which are taboo even though one may not be in a position to bring about change.  Discussing social issues provides awareness and a better understanding of problems, their exact nature and cause. Asifa also has a passion for photography and believes a photograph can convey a lot where words are limited.

Mello Tefo Mahlotle is a published author who has written a book titled “Love, Lies and Heartbreaks”. He is currently undertaking Experiential training at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and holds a National Diploma in Business Management at Tshwane College of Commerce and Computer Studies in Pretoria, South Africa. He is passionate about writing and photography and believes he will become an influential global business man.

Ricardo Hanley Jr. is a poet, orator and author of Silence Conceiving Symphonies. He’s an artist who’s art is his lifeblood and breath. He continues to stir souls and open minds and hearts with his prose on an array of subject matters. He believes that “we rise, by lifting others” and throughout his work he adheres to this phrase with the utmost respect for word. Ricardo realized that words are indeed spells and he chooses to use what he calls “alpha-and-omega-bet” to wield a magic of upliftment for a world in need of more love, more empathy, more understanding and peace for men, women and children. Ricardo has faced much adversity and continues to strive forward as a living example that you can change your life by exercising your will and maintaining a positive mental attitude. He will continue to write to inspire, inform and give reciprocate all the world has given him.

Maxwell Stone is a recent graduate from Durham University with a degree in International Relations (BA). Throughout his degree course he took an interest in African politics, studied a module called ‘Dirty War’ which provided an overview of the range of security and development issues facing many African nations. He has previously worked in Africa on Borana Conservancy in Kenya. During his time there he assisted with Safaris and helped with the Rhino conservation efforts. He is also currently working in Sierra Leone for the Justice Ministry, helping them coordinate the efforts of the NGOs currently working there. These experiences have given him a real passion for African governance and wildlife issues.

Eoin O’Connor is an award winning Irish film and television writer. He studied at University College Dublin, and completed an Advanced Diploma in Film Production at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Eoin has a keen interest in Africa and African stories having spent six years living in countries such as Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi.  His five-part radio drama, ‘30 Eggs’, a Rwandan set story, was awarded the Imison Award of Best Audio Drama Script for a Writer new to the Medium at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2016. Eoin continues to develop African set projects through his work as a dramatist and writer, based on his experiences living there, which focus on themes of justice, equality, empowerment and development.

Samuel Murray is an undergraduate student of African Studies with Development at the University of Birmingham. He has had an interest in Africa from a young age, and recently spent five months studying in Cape Coast, Ghana. Samuel enjoys writing his interests. His articles are therefore eclectic and range from human rights to sport, and from art history to politics. Samuel likes to challenge established thought and enjoys delving into the deep routes of an issue. Furthermore, Samuel enjoys to travel, cook and is an avid supporter of Manchester United.

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