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Ben Jackson  is a current African Politics MSc student at SOAS University. His interest in African issues began following a 10 day trip to Sierra Leone in 2010. During his time studying International Relations at the University of Leeds he became more interested in Africa, especially its politics and issues around conflict and justice. Ben‘s final year dissertation looked at African regional organisations peacekeeping missions as part of “African Solutions to African Problems”. Prior to starting his MSc, Ben spent a month and a half volunteering in Uganda, as well as 9 months interning with a Human Rights Organisation


Lebogang Tisane is a South African e-commerce business maven, writer, and philanthropist who is passionate about the empowerment of women and children, and transforming the political and economic landscape of Africa. She is an MBA graduate and holds a Degree in Law from Rhodes University and an Honours Degree in Management from North West University. She is also a founder of an NPO aimed at empowering women and children, as well as addressing socio economic issues. Furthermore, she is a certified education innovator and is working on improving the state of education in Africa.

Jason McPherson holds a bachelor’s degree with a major in English and a minor in Sociology from York University in Toronto, Canada where he also resides. He has an interest in Africa, from its politics to its economics and as well as its people. He is a firm believer in the continent’s potential to become a global economic power due to its abundance of natural resources.  He believes that once Africa and its people gain control of the allocation of their resources they will be able to lift themselves from the economic despair that they have been facing for many years. He is currently studying web design and web development, and he does freelance writing and web designing in his spare time.

Thabo Mahlakwena Matsepane or “Thabo Lens” is a photographer, fashion designer and creative director based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He started to take photographs in 2008. He is a young African storyteller through photography that centres on African women, their heart and their soul.  Thabo is currently working for a media company based in South Africa and London as a photographer and content director. He shares his story through The Best of Africa and Design Indaba. This year, he wishes to travel around Africa to tell more stories about the continent and its women.


Asifa AliAsifa Ali is a postgraduate student in Forensic Anthropology who has taken a keen interest in social issues since secondary school. She has a passion for global issues and politics with a keen focus on international news and topics which have no coverage. She believes it is important to talk about issues which are taboo even though one may not be in a position to bring about change.  Discussing social issues provides awareness and a better understanding of problems, their exact nature and cause. Asifa also has a passion for photography and believes a photograph can convey a lot where words are limited.


Atabongwoung Gallous is a Postgraduate student at the Department of African – European Cultural Relations at  the University of Pretoria. He is the former Project Lead of the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute’s Alumni Forum, Founder of Africa Solidarity for Sahrawi- AFRISOSA and Institute for Critical Conversation (ICC), a platform for global scholarships seeking solutions through meaningful conversations on socio-politico and economic challenges. He is an associate member of South African Career Development Association. His interests include; Leadership and Good Governance, Migration and Development, Identity and Culture relations, Democracy and Human Rights, Counselling and Career Development. His recent publications are; The Impact of Brain Drain and Brain Gain on Africa’s Development (2018),  Africa and the Euphoria of Decolonization: Morocco’s continual illegal occupation of Western Sahara the great stalemate (2017) and South Korea: A Progressive Discourse on the Contrive in Transitional Democracy and Economic Development (2018)


Evans Marufu is a young entrepreneur based in Zimbabwe. He is skilled in marketing and sales with experience in the real estate, consumer electronics, and transport industries. At the moment he is studying to attain a higher diploma in Telecommunications. From his secondary school years he has had a strong passion to create and an eye for details artistic. Evans is an ambitious and driven individual who founded and runs photography, vehicle sales and consumer electronics ventures.

Guest contributors 

Botshelo Thusani, Stuart Bolus, John Oluwadare, Isa Sekro Mwejuma, Ijeoma Okoye, Emmanuel Nsobila, Makweti Sishekanu,Ganizani Tembo, Amedeus Kiria, Gillian Abihud, Panagioti Kouloumas, Asifa Ali, George Lakey, Chungu Chama, Victoria Zhang, Leticia Osei, Mariam Osman, Orapeleng Rammala, Richard Yeboah, Barry Turner, Sinead Troy, Sarah Tziniers, Jordan Bate, Isaac Brewer, Shivanker Kamboj, Racheal Ndlovu, Freeman Mateko, Jerome Monta, Peter Conteh, Ivana Anovic, Hannah Sabbatini,Mukul Choudhary, Quenti Mosseray, Matthew Clarke, Danielle Hurlstone, Elise Mann, Shanice Elliot, Mukuka Nkunde, Vikta A. Chaungwe Jr, Jamie O’Dell, Tasneem Koorowlay, Manasseh Suzyo Ngoma Jr, Amalina Samsudin, Benjamin Hibbert, Clare Hunter Funnell, Rebecca Cullen, Kudakwashe Khuleya, Doyin Oreagba, Andy Prinsen, Buthaina Sa’id, Brandon Matondo, Laurence Calliafas, Arab Millennial, Samuel Murray, Jamie Jobanputra, Chate Mfula, Jason Mfula II, She Leads Africa, Abbas Farshori, Chibuye Nkunde, Yande Phiri, Kawanga Coxe, Wengo Kaluba, Choolwe Chibomba, Zenith Mwape, Kudakwashe Khuleya, Lunga Izata, Kaseba Lubambo, Lombe Lumbwe


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