Sweet wine in new calabash

refreshing palm wine |  Nick Hobgoo d | wikimedia commons

refreshing palm wine | Nick Hobgood | wikimedia commons

How blissful is your rosy smile

When you first fell into my arms

The grin on your upturned mouth so sweet

When We Dissolve In Blended Embraces

Your people produce The Best Of Raffia Wines

When I Taste The Sweetness Of your breath

In your kisses I merrily Drink

Of A Rare But True Romance In The Air

How Blessed is The Day I first saw you

In Bare-feet as you walked to the Stream

Carting a Water Calabash I Wish You Were Mine

But then you were not? That Summer, was it all a Dream?

Now you Lie In My Love

Sweet Wine In New Calabash

The Scent Of your Breaths Like Fresh Wine

Lie in Promise Under My Thatched Roof

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