How to start over when you've given up on life

Danielle MacInnes  | Unsplash

Have you ever sat down and wondered how you can build  your life when things are not working as they should?

Have you ever thought of why other people have given up on their lives or why some things in your life are not working as planned?If yes, here are 3 tips that will help with re-setting your life.

  1. Self-evaluation

Being able to evaluate yourself means knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Things that you are able to do and things you are not able to do in your life. When it comes to weaknesses for instance, if one is not good at drawing, one does not need to force it but rather focus on discovering one’s potential in other areas. Your strengths are supported by your knowledge,   skills and talents. It may be skills that you have acquired in class after spending some years at college or skills that you are born with.

  1. Building your skills

Even if what you are good at does not seem important, your skills are still worth it for the smallest things in life are the ones that helps to build and propel you. Even a baobab trees does not just start off big but shoot from a seed.If  you know how to write, speak, dance, play sport, draw, edit stories, sing or have any other strengths,  do not just keep them to yourself, you need to expose and share them with the world. Every person that is well known and recognised for their work today be it Beyonce, Chris Brown, Akon, Chinua Achebe, Barack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo, all started by learning what they are good at and honing their talents and skills over time.

  1. Taking action

Everything begins with you taking action. One does not need other people to tell them of what they are capable of. The biggest mistake that most of us make when building our lives  is looking at what other people are doing and replicating the way they  live, forgetting you are different. Granted taking inspiration from others is important but everyone’s journey is unique.So self-evaluation is the best teacher in life. When we know who you are and what we are capable of doing in life, it helps to propel us to attain our goals. Nobody  wants to live a miserable life. Everyone dreams in colour and thinks of great

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