broken heart hanging on a wire|  Kelly Sikkema  | Unsplash

broken heart hanging on a wire| Kelly Sikkema | Unsplash

In the person whose blood my veins carry

I searched for love but I found hate

I looked for peace but found pain in every word that came out of his deadly mouth which craved to wound my soul

And every letter that escaped the jaws of his mouth pumped hate into the heart of my existence

 Hate that closed chapters of laughter and burnt down bridges of unity

hate that shot down the energy

which channeled between us

hate that slowly ate affection leaving my

heart empty and I could only hear echoes of my broken heart beaten rhythmically to the tears that danced down my cheeks But I have realised that forgiveness is the wings that emotions fly with so I outgrew my age and became the bigger person

Even though things may never be as they were at first my conciousness is clear my emotions know peace and my heart is learning how to love once again

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