Dear Future

Futures (58/365) |  Kat  | flickr

Futures (58/365) | Kat | flickr

You are one unpredictable event you know that?

Sometimes you seem so bright and near and other times you are so far and dim. Why are you so difficult to get to? Why do I have to do so much just so that I can get to you? Why do you keep moving away? Whenever I try to get close to you, you seem to go even further and you become harder to reach, vague too. You are so annoying.

You annoy me, depress me, make me feel weak and helpless and really don’t even offer solutions to the problems you put me in. You do all this and more, but at the same time you motivate me, and push me so that I don’t give up. You give me something to look forward to, something that I can hold on to. You make me happy, you make me sad. You make me laugh, you make me cry. You make me so mad I want to rip you to shreds, and you calm me down when I am upset.

Dear future, you are a puzzle that I will have to figure out till the day I die. Every day I will wonder what you have in store for me. I guess you are the one who will keep me going till the end. Just please be more clear and let me know when I get to you.

*** Note from the editor: this is an edited poem, originally written by Kaseba Lubambo for her blog Paperscript Reflection**

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